Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bisquick Prize Pack Giveaway!


The winner is: #8 Princess Mom!

I will be contacting you shortly! Thanks everyone who participated :)

Everyone loves Pancakes---but you'll love them even more if they're free, right?
Bisquick All-Purpose Baking Mix - Net Weight 80 Oz (5 lb)

I've teamed up with Bisquick® and MyBlogSpark™ to bring you this super tasty giveaway. 

Before we get to the giveaway I would like to tell you all about Bisquick Pancake Nation ( where you can find out how to host a charity pancake breakfast on your own. This site was created to make pancake breakfast hosting easy and FUN! 

From the About section on the site:
"On this site, you'll find a suite of tools that will help customize event materials, figure out exactly how many supplies you'll need, and spread word of your fundraising event online. Plus, you can apply for a $250 grant from Bisquick to cover your supply costs, which ultimately means raising more money for your organization."

So, check out the site and perhaps host a pancake breakfast of your own!
Now--on to the giveaway! You could win a prize pack with all of the things you need to cook up your own pancake breakfast (I received one, and trust me, if you cook you WANT to win this). 

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me the following:

If you were to ever host a pancake breakfast, who would you host it for? Your family and friends or a charity? If you were to host one for a charity, which one?

There---is that easy or what?

Prize packs will be sent to you via MyBlogSpark.
Good luck!!
This giveaway ends on Friday, March 19, 2010 at 11:59 PM. I will select a winner using on March 20, 2010.


fabmom said...

Hi! I would definitely have to throw one for my family! My little one wants pancakes every day and if I had my family over it would be even more awesome. We don't get together too often so this would be fun!!

tlosmom at yahoo dot com

Christine said...

If I hosted a pancake breakfast it would be for my family. My family is huge and we love having breakfasts together!

Julie said...

I'd love to host a pancake breakfast for my church! The church doesn't host any community events and I would LOVE to start a new tradition. Bonus is that my family could attend!

Amy said...

I would love to host one for my school! I am a teacher and so many of these students could use a huge pancake breakfast!

Lindsay said...

I would love to host one for the local food pantry.

Mollie's Mommy said...

I would love to host a pancake breakfast for my family and friends. They were all so kind to help with meals and such when my daughter was born this past October. It would be so nice to have a big pancake breakfast as a thank you to them now that things have calmed down a bit around our house! =)

CaneWife said...

I think I would do a pancake breakfast for our neighbors - we have some great people here and we don't get to see everyone that much. We always have a blast with our block parties, so it would be great.

Princess Mom said...

I would totally host a pancake party for all my family..My family hubs,kids,parents(both of ours)and siblings..I'd love to get the whole family together!!!

LCW said...

If I were to host a pancake breakfast, I would host it for an elementary class or better yet the whole elementary school.

Jana Schweiss said...

If I were hosting a pancake breakfast - it would be for family and friends!

Momma Maven said...

Yumm pancakes! I would most def. host it for the family, but we'd do a pancake dinner instead of a breakfast because it's so fun to have breakfast for dinner! :)

Lauren said...

I would host a pancake dinner for my old college friends. We used to have pancake dinner every Thursday night in college...until I met my hubby and I ditched them so we could make out on his only night off work.

JacksonsMommy said...

Oh, I love pancakes! I would host it for my friends that I don't get to see very often. With going to school, working, and J there isn't much time to go out and hang out with them and it would be nice to catch up!

crystal said...

i would host a panckae breakfast for the soldiers in my husbands unit